Raphaël Treiner


Raphaël Treiner (a.k.a. “Sheriff”) is an instrumentalist, singer and composer, with roots in both classical and popular music.

His cello degree gave him the opportunity to discover, as a member of an orchestra, the richness of orchestral timbres and colors. After studying harmony and counterpoint, Raphaël completed a Master’s Degree in Musicology on Afro-American music at La Sorbonne University. He then turned to lyric singing. After completing a degree in Opera and classical voice in Paris, he started to sing professionally. He was accepted to the Professional Studies program at the Manhattan School of Music and made his debut on the New York stages.

Raphaël soon found himself fascinated by the way that drama and music come together in opera—the music supports, evokes, contradicts, anticipates, and, ultimately, becomes one with the action, the characters, and their emotions. Raphaël’s experience performing in an orchestra allowed him to understand how drama happens not only on stage but also in the pit.

Passionate about the connection between story and music, Raphaël taught a class on lyric literature and opera at the French Institute – Alliance Française of New York in 2012.

This research led Raphaël to composing. He wrote the original music for several theater plays and dance shows. A fan of cinema, he was drawn to composing for the screen, studying the scores of Hermann, Morricone, Williams, Zimmer, Elfman, Bernstein, Silvestri, Goldsmith, Delerue, and many more. He has worked with Olivier Treiner, scoring his two films to date, Crassus and The Piano Tuner, which won the César for Best Short Film in 2012. In the fall 2013 he composed and recorded the original soundtrack for Unicornio, by Rodrigo Bellott. In 2014 he scored his first feature film, To Whom It May Concern, by Manu Boyer.

Apart from classical music, Raphaël has played with a number of bands, including MØN and Mathilde Forget performing on prestigious stages like la Fête de l’Huma, le Bus Palladium or Solidays. Eager to discover new horizons, he co-founded Tr&Cep, a jazz fusion duet with Afro-Cuban and Argentinian influences.

Raphaël’s winding path, which has taken so many unexpected turns, inspired his first EP, Nameless Lands, which he is releasing under the name of Sheriff. The tracks describe a bittersweet personal journey set against an imaginary Western backdrop, bringing an intimate perspective to an epic landscape.

Sheriff is represented by Lucie Moreau, founder and CEO of Lux for Film.