Susanna Panzini

SP travel pic

Born in Italy, Susanna Panzini is an internationally trained cellist whose study of music gave her the opportunity to study and to perform around the world. Susanna has spent the last 18 years living abroad in Russia, France and United States. Most recently, while living in New York City and Chicago, she has been working as a producer, tour manager and artistic adviser for various organizations. She now works as Tour Director and Director of Performance Arrangements.

She received her diploma in Cello Performance in Italy, the Doctorate in Cello at the Moscow Conservatory (Russia), the Certificate in Art Administration at New York University and the Certificate in Sport Business and Operation also at NYU.

Besides the passion for music and travel, Susanna is a certified Fitness Personal Trainer and spend most of her free time enjoying the outdoor riding her road bike. Susanna is fluent in four languages: Italian, Russian, French and English.